Do you know what consultants do? Attempt questions from their relnch exams

Daov’s counsel provides advice to clients that includes preliminary advice on taxes and related matters.

Each tax advisor must be a professional member of the Chamber of Tax Advisor R, who oversees the implementation of tax advice by all members. Currently, more than 5,000 tax advisors do not file cases.

If you are looking for a counselor first, you can find a list of them on the Chamber website. Search for pitot d by various criteria.

In Ad Pad, especially when it comes to permanent cooperation, it is practical to search for a Dao consultant by his address. So it is better to enter the PS to which the exam should be attached. In the list, it is possible to enter a parameter according to the order, for example, the temporary order acceptance field, to filter out those who do not accept new customers at the moment, suggests the head of the chamber Petra Pospilov.

KVZ: What do you need to become a tax consultant?

In the same way, you can use other parameters to customize according to your needs. For selected tax advisors, you may also take into account other information such as your notes or information added by the tax advisor himself.

The Act on Tax Advising and the Association of Tax Advisers R sets out the eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to enter the profession. A combined qualifying examination is also required, in addition to the higher distance minimum in the bachelor’s degree program. The subject of the examination is to test the candidate’s knowledge of finance, law, civil and commercial law, financial, economic, racial and professional issues. Test yourself with several questions in the following quiz.

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