Described walls and dirt. The cabin is cut off from the city and no one knows about the children inside

A hut standing in the forest at Hlubok nad Vltavo near the Budjovice estate. Like she's going to break up. Around there is a forest and a small stream, five, seven and eight year olds have to go here to wash. Then she walked behind the cabin to go down. There is a train station about a hundred meters away, otherwise the town is deserted and practically no one drives near.

The children had to spend several weeks here in inhumane conditions, but they were discovered by some accident by strangers from Hlubok nad Vltavou. They don't ride bikes or go bowling, they are elephants. Mother ignored them.

It all started with my notice on March 27th, when the store manager called the city police,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ When he drove to town, there were only two people. “We know them, they've been through drug addiction and so on in the past,” said Upper Party member Patrick Brock.

The municipal police of Hlubok reported the incident on their Facebook page last weekend. They didn't drink until they went to town, and the aunt disappeared from the store and hid in the corner of the supermarket. It was later revealed that she was the mother of the girls.

The strangers discovered that everyone was staying in some room. According to local lore, one of them recalled once meeting a homeless man in a house in the forest behind the U Sudrny train station.

So we decided to check this place out. After walking to the cabin, we found the kids there. They don't even know when they were last on a wheel and a wheel or what a tooth is. The children were told to go to a nearby stream and use a toilet behind the cabin, Brock described the dire conditions.

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So, the parties didn't notice and quickly rounded up the police and social workers from OSPOD (Organized Society-First Protection of Children). They told us that the children are hungry and the last time they ate bread was at 11 a.m. when their mother went to town. According to the site, an adult hunter was looking for them in a closed hut.

In emergency situations, children slept for about two weeks. According to the person who searched for them in the cabin, the child's father threw them all out of the apartment, Brock added.

According to him, they are definitely not local or surrounding people. But Mom probably knew one of the happiest people in the cabin. It's not like anyone lives in a cabin for long. In the past, yes, but that was a few years ago, the website said.

Mother and children were not there

Police later discovered that the mother of the neglected children was a woman hiding behind the supermarket. Though she replied that she would be there within half an hour, she did not come to the cabin even after contacting the parties on phone. They already took 10 children this way, said the municipal police from Hlubok nad Vltavou.

In total, seven people lived in the cabin, some adults and some children. Social activists took the minors to a hospital in Eskobudjovice and later placed them in a children's home.

MF DNES's editor also visited the place on Monday morning, by which time the cabin was deserted. And as the mother and children were not in the county, no one but the pages knew anything about them. I don't even know where she came from and how much she messed with the kids.

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MF DNES approached representatives of OSPOD, Police R and Budjovice municipality, under which social workers come. However, none of them commented on the young age of the minors.

Budjovice City Councilor Petr Lama replied that we cannot answer the specific questions sent, regarding the sensitivity imposed by law. “We investigated the case and the facts of the counter-chief did not materialize, so now OSPOD will take care of it,” said South Czech Police Officer Milan Bajkura.

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