Armed forces destroy the front line of the left bank Dnipro – Humenyuk –

However, the spokesperson of the Southern Defense Forces did not confirm that armed forces are already present in the left bank of the Kherson region. According to him, so far it’s been about a counter-battery fight.

Armies destroy the front line on the left bank of the Dnieper, but so far this is a counter-battery fight.

Natalya Kumenyuk, spokeswoman for the Joint Coordination Center of the South’s Defense Forces, announced this in a nationwide Telethon broadcast.

“It is necessary to filter the information very carefully and trust the official sources. Hype can greatly harm the security forces. You should not rush with the news,” said the spokesman, to the question of whether Ukrainian military personnel are on the Left Bank. Kherson region.

According to him, the armed forces of Ukraine have achieved “very powerful results” over the past three days, despite the enemy’s continuous shelling of the right bank of the Kherson region.

“This is 13 to 22 (reduced Russian – ed.) units of equipment. We attack and destroy the enemy’s artillery installations, tanks, armored personnel carriers, air defense equipment. Our task is to destroy the front line of the left bank. It is very powerful.

Earlier, ISW analysts reported that the Ukrainian army had taken up positions on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region. There is no official confirmation of this information.

In turn, the Russian Federation is preparing for a counterattack by armed forces in the Kherson region and is building defense structures.

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