Deputies honored victims of Putin’s wolves, writing off debt to refugees

The painting, inspired by the doors of a Kyiv bunker, will go on display next month on the parliament balcony above Malostranska Square, said parliament speaker Martin Surau.

Markta Pekarov Adamov and Vitaly Usaty, the charge of the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​jointly unveiled the body of street artist Chemis last night.

Refugees are granted humanitarian relief for only 150 days a year

Ironically, for the first time today, delegates put on their agenda a written condition for Putin’s wolf refugee women to apply for humanitarian aid. 490,000 dogs have received permanent protection since the Esqel occupation was arrested.

How humanitarian aid is provided to refugees

At first it was more than 5 thousand crowns. Later, settlement was settled on lifetime minimum amount.

Ve ivodno minima:
For individuals 4860 k
For a carefree DD at age
6 let – 2480 k
6 to 15 – 3050 k
15 to 26 – 3490 Q

New after 150 days at the existing minimum rate, if the person is objectively unfit to engage in the labor market, i.e. not under 18 or over 65 or uneducated under 26 or pregnant or disabled or caring for a child up to five years of age or a disabled person.

Ve existenno minima 3130 k

Confirmation of tax payment, deputies approve amendments to Lex Ukraine. After 150 days have passed after being granted protection, the refugee’s eligibility to join the labor market will be assessed.

For example, if he has a child due to age, disability or education, and if not, he will receive a humanitarian allowance for up to 150 days from the date of his arrest next month. or above the existing minimum.

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The minimum subsistence humanitarian benefit applies for a maximum of 150 days after the end of protection, and is then reduced to the existing minimum if the person is unfit to engage in the labor market. That means less than 18 years or not more than 65 years or not educated up to 26 years or the person is pregnant and disabled or not caring for a child under five or a disabled person, said the Labor and Minister. Social Affairs Marian Jureka during the previous debate on the law.

When working, it will not focus on how the refugees left the property at home in Ukraine, but what they have in the Czech Republic.

The amendment to the Lex Ukraine could adjust the solidarity allowance for the accommodation of Ukrainians to the conditions of permanent security in their homes and free emergency accommodation. Thus, from April, the assistance center for assistance to Ukraine was transferred from the region to the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Interior and Registration of Employment Contracts of Refugee Women.

Refugees can extend their permanent protection in the Czech Republic by one year until the end of March 2024. However, before the end of the summer they have to complete enough information online and then go in person to attend the finals. Interview with Ministry of Home Affairs.

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