Danilov issued a statement on the duration of Ukraine’s war with the Russian Federation

He stressed that negotiations with the aggressor of the Russian Federation are currently impossible.

Oleksiy, Secretary of NSDC Danilov said, our country will not negotiate with a modern day Hitler named Putin. Thus, it is difficult to predict the timing of the war.

About Danilov said In an interview with Channel 24.

“I would like to remind you that we can only use regulatory acts in force in our territory. And when someone uses the phrase “negotiations”, it should be borne in mind that certain legal procedures must take place before them,” the NSDC secretary noted.

First, he explains, the president must approve the composition of the negotiating team, which must receive the relevant directives. Only then can negotiations begin.

“For there to be a movement in the opposite direction, it is necessary to cancel the decision of the Security Council. However, it is difficult to imagine who will do this. Who will take political responsibility and, in the end, will be responsible before God for everything. This abomination killed more than 500 Ukrainian children, it is our citizens. kills and maims them. He is responsible for all this,” Oleksiy Danilov firmly believes.

In addition, Oleksii Danilov, secretary of the National Security Council, believes it is unfair to allow conscripts to leave. Abroad for moneyThis will put Ukrainians in an unequal position, which depends on their luck.

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