The incredible theft of Krats in Borské polý


They destroyed the cameras, cut down the fence and took five plates – do you recognize them?

Earlier this week a group of thieves showed incredible bravery in Pilsen in Borske Bolly. Apparently, a very well-organized group of thieves took an incredible two hundred bottles of Kozal beer from the company’s premises on Podnikatelska Street from Monday to Wednesday.

“The thieves managed to damage the camera system monitoring the area, and then part of the group, a man and a woman, captured the security guard in the front area. According to the guard, it was a woman and a young man from Ukraine. Those who spoke Czech with a slight accent, moved several times around the entrance and the fence, so that the guard He warned them several times that there was nothing there, and took five pallets of forty crates together, so they stole 20 thousand crowns worth of crates, but caused another 70 thousand damage to the cameras and the fence. The owner of the business described it to police.

Between eight and nine o’clock on Thursday, the thieves started withdrawing money from the crates, and the pair, described by the police, brought a large amount to the Kaufland store in the Area Bori shopping center against a deposit, where they were caught. In the camera.

“If anyone recognizes the two, please inform the police, the entire case has already been reported to us.” The business owner asks the public.

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