Collapse of government? May decide in September. Rajchl came up with a decisive scenario

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“If people show their dissatisfaction with the government en masse, the government will fall,” lawyer and PRO party leader Jindřich Rajchl said of the Czech Republic’s September protests against poverty, which could lead to the resignation of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS). Government. However, to change something, according to him, “people have to stand up and show their displeasure”. To be clear in an interview with the show’s host, Jana Popocicová, also warned that the Czech Republic could soon face a significant threat. “The end of the sovereignty and sovereignty of the Czech Republic,” he revealed what might come to us from the EU.

Collapse of government?  May decide in September.  Rajchl came up with a decisive scenario

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In the interview, Jindřich Rajchl, the leader of the PRO party, first spoke a few words about the current case on the appointment of constitutional judges, in which the name of the former First Vice-President of the International Criminal Court, Robert Fremr, raises the biggest controversy. Rajchal noted that this is an issue that does not only affect the judiciary, but reflects the situation in our entire country. “Unbelievable fascism reigns here. What is permitted to the Lord is not permitted to the common man. The same people who rejoiced at the victory of Communist intelligence officer Peter Powell today have the absurd situation of fiercely opposing the appointment of Judge Fremer. He later commented on Powell’s reluctance: “A Communist is a Judges the Communist.”


Should President Pavel appoint Robert Fremer as constitutional judge?

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According to Rajchlov, a similar double standard can be found in other cases, while it seems to him that in the case of Brno Mayor Marketa Vanokova (ODS) he is dealing with a case of a photograph resembling a kind of white powder. Cocaine, “it doesn’t matter what she does in her free time”, for example, Miroslav Čevčić, dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, it doesn’t matter.

Subsequently, he commented on the trial of blogger Jordana Jiraskova and former journalist Tomas Etzler. Zhiraskova sued him for calling him a collaborator and pro-Kremlin slob. She demanded compensation of 20,000 crowns for non-monetary damages, which the court did not grant her, but according to the non-jurisdictional ruling of the court, Etsler must apologize and apologize on her Twitter account for three months. Rajchl represented Jiraskova in court. According to the lawyer and head of the PRO party, “addition to the next legal proceedings” awaits the mayor of Repori, Pavel Novotny (ODS), and the head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, Dana Drabova. Etzler’s contribution. That too once the written judgment is in his possession.

Subsequently, he commented on the most serious problems that the Czech Republic could face at the moment. In addition to falling real wages in the Czech Republic and the impending adoption of a migration pact, Rajchl also warned against adopting a common European currency. “This is the end of the sovereignty and sovereignty of the Czech Republic. If we talk about the fact that we have to move away from the common Brussels dictatorship and try to create our own state, the adoption of the euro binds us with an umbilical cord to Brussels and the European Union. This is a risk of absolute disaster not only for the economy, but especially for our sovereignty and sovereignty. .According to him, the Czech Republic should not turn to the West or the East, but to rely on itself, because both the West and the East want to exploit us.

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In an interview with judge Jana Popocicova, Rajchl also revealed who he envisions for ministerial posts. He says that he sees not only the current five-coalition government of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), but also the ANO movement of former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, because, according to him, it does not provide experts like his PRO. Party. As the head of the State Treasury, Ivana Turkova will imagine Ivana Turkova, a former SPD Senate candidate who came third in the Senate elections within the district, as the head of the State Treasury. “He worked as an accountant and dealt with both microeconomics and macroeconomics. He also held macroeconomic positions, so he has experience in all positions. He was in a company that did business all over Europe, so he is a very experienced manager and a great economist,” he said. In short, Turkova would be better than former finance minister Alena Shillerova, who is enlisted by the ANO movement. As head of state treasury within its shadow governments. The head of PRO wants to see the former head of the board of Pražská plynárenská Pavel Janeček in the position of Minister of Industry and Trade.

Compared to the opposition movement ANO, according to Rajchlov, PRO is more committed to promoting the interests of the Czech Republic. “Many ANO decisions were in favor of the Green Deal, in favor of the Green Inquiry,” he noted, adding that his party would not support such a direction.

According to Rajchl, unlike some opposition parties, the PRO rejects the Czech Republic’s withdrawal from the EU. “It’s not possible. Economically, we can’t do it,” he said, ruling out leaving the EU, saying it would “bring us nothing” and that most companies would likely leave the Czech Republic after such a move. He can only imagine leaving the EU if a large number of other states join the Czech Republic.

Jindřich Rajchl, leader of the PRO party, continues his comments on Czech anti-government protests on September 16 in Wenceslas Square in Prague. He explained that among the speakers will be Senator Jana Swirtek Hamblová, health law expert Ontaj Tostal, member of Svobodny Madge Gregor and opposition politicians from ANO and SPD.

According to Rajchlo, the demand for the government to step down is realistic. Recalling the events of November 1989 and the then general strike, he said, “It’s all about the people.” “It’s about those people, if they show their total dissatisfaction with the government, the government will fall,” he said.

According to him, other opposition parties may also express their disagreement with the current government and join his party, but so far Rajchal has not noticed any willingness to cooperate from many opposition parties. However, according to him, the connection with the activist Ladislav Vrabel, who in the past has called for tens of thousands of demonstrations against the government, does not make much sense. A long-time resident of Serbia says Putin needs to apologize and turn banking deals into economic reform…no real economist can take that seriously. Vrabel.

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