Don’t charge us. Protests erupt again in Poland for the first woman to have an abortion

TVN 24 reports that mass demonstrations took place in Varav, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, Krakow, Toruń and many other cities.

read one of the banners in Vara, where hundreds of people gathered at the monument to Nicolaus Copernicus in the center of the city.

At the end of May, a 30-year-old woman died in a hospital in the city of Novi Dark. Days later, hours after the fetal swelling was diagnosed, she developed sepsis and they decided to take action. The injured women and their lawyers said they would not have decided to have two abortions if their lives were at risk.

Similar falls have occurred in the past in Pszczyn and Enstochov. From January 2020, Polish liberal media and women’s activists are both concerned about the Constitutional Court’s ruling, which states that a doctor may not perform an abortion if the fetus is irreparably damaged or suffers from an incurable disease.

According to some, medical professionals, fearing punishment, refuse to perform abortions even in cases where the law permits. It is in situations where a woman has become pregnant or her life is in danger as a result of rape or sex. A conservative activist speaks out against abortions, which are condemned by the Catholic Church.

Demonstrations were held by the feminist movement in dozens of Polish cities National Women’s Strike (Total List of Women). I’m doing this for my kids because I won’t get pregnant myself, but they will get pregnant soon. One of the demonstrators in Wrocław told television if they had a desire for elections.

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Another protester reported that her daughter’s health was critical. During pregnancy, the most important thing is the mother and the hospitals should protect her life first, protested another woman.

A young protester in Gdańsk declared that it is necessary to fight for our future, to live first. He pointed out that it is not about children being born, but about their mothers dying.

I drank thinking about the future of the youth. “I have a son, but I think about the future of young women, what kind of situation they will be in when they have the wrong doctors and the wrong hospital at the same time,” said another woman.

A young protester in the city of Olsztyn admitted that she could not imagine having a full-term baby in contemporary Poland because she had no idea what would happen in the hospital. I don’t think it’s a good country to raise a family. I want to change that, she said.

I have had enough of dying in hospitals, even though women in Poland are saved and can later have children. We want normality, we want Polish women to be born safe and not feel threatened, she demonstrated to him.

This is a big scam

TVN 24 reported today that FS Jarosław Kaziski responded to a newspaper question about the situation of women, calling it a big fraud by the police and the whole protest a propaganda abuse.

According to the Onenet server, the organizers of the protest insisted that the action was against killing and torture in maternity hospitals, against forcing women to give birth to unwanted children, against the ban on abortion, against BIS and the cynical criminal government. of Luke, against the fact that the Poles thus lost their first life, health, and liberty.

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Health Minister Adam Nietzielski assured the newspaper on Monday that every woman has the first choice to have an abortion if health or life is at risk, and he wrote detailed guidelines on how doctors should act in these cases. Life and health are paramount, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday.

Poland holds parliamentary elections in the fall, with the PiS government seeking a third consecutive mandate.

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