Children’s fitness is deteriorating. Measurement in schools turned out to be a disaster

Czech children are getting fatter and worse. As a result, schools are undergoing changes, especially in the field of physical education. The poor condition of schoolchildren is also confirmed by data from the Czech School Inspectorate, which measured the physical fitness of children in most primary and secondary schools last year after 30 years. Obese children may become a major burden for the Czech healthcare system in the future.

Much was expected, but no one expected today’s youth to fare so badly compared to the schoolboys who underwent the same exercises in the nineties. “The results show a significant decline in the fitness of our students,” said central school inspector Tomáš Zatloukal.

Women are worse than men, but they should think about it too. “Boys’ results in some movement skills are the same as girls’ results thirty-five years ago,” Jadlugel said.

For example, tests show that three out of ten boys at age sixteen will not do pull-ups. Children in primary schools are not much better off. Five push-ups were done by three out of ten students last year, up from five out of ten in the 90s.

They can now average 38 sit-ups, compared to 45 a quarter of a century ago. The current generation of students is also dabbling in endurance running and long jump.

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to future health problems:

Analysts suggest to the ministry that sports should be done throughout the day and not just in the gym. Students should also exercise in school groups, go outside for lessons during breaks, and participate more in decisions about school clubs. “This means allowing students to choose activities that suit them and that they can do,” Jadlugel added.

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Nova TV turned to both Minister of Education Vladimir Palas (STAN) and Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) with this issue. “If I wanted to lighten it up, I don’t know if you can do a push-up, and I might not,” Wallek said. “It is necessary to support sports for the disabled as much as possible,” he added earnestly.

“We need to make sports more attractive, open the playground throughout the whole school day, during breaks,” Balas added. According to experts, the first changes in education can be reflected already in the new school year.

Increase in obesity

The data is frightening when it comes to childhood obesity. 30 years ago only three in one hundred people were obese, now it is five times more. Zdeněk Mikan warns, “Uneven skeletal development, poor posture development, bad habits, children will soon start to experience pain.”

And it is not only a health problem but also an economic problem. Health insurance companies calculated that it was cheaper to support prevention than subsequent treatment. “Every crown invested will return to us many times over,” VZP spokesperson Viktoriy Blivova said.

The solution lies mainly with the parents. It is a big mistake to believe that a child will grow up with poor eating habits or overweight. Eighty percent of children carry weight problems into adulthood.

Secretary of State for Education Ondage Andries says all children should be active:


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