Prykotko stood up for Mashukovsky, who was provoked due to a video with stamps: photo

The actress insisted that she knew the whole truth.

Singer Anastasia Prikotko Interceded for the blogger Oleg MashukovskyNemo came under fire for a scandalous video featuring seals at a dolphinarium.

The artist was shocked that his friend was provoked on the Internet, because, according to Nastya, Oleg “would not hurt a single fly.” Prykotko says the seals moved freely through the hotel and there were no restrictions on photos or videos.

“I was shocked by the fact that I have been reading about my friend since the morning. I know him, this person does not even offend flies. Cats calmly walk around the hotel, it is allowed to take photos with them, Oleg did,” commented Nastya.

According to Prykotko, he was shocked by what cruel and nasty things were being written about Ole Maschukovsky on social networks.

“I was in touch with him all day today (April 18 – Ed.) and I want to tell many people that cruelty never comes to a person! You can express your opinion, but you have already started to bend.” insisted Nastya.

Finally, the first step, the artist said, was to accuse the owner of the hotel of animal cruelty.

“If everyone has complaints, they should take a picture of me walking down Kreshchatyk towards the owner of the hotel and the guy who gave me this monkey,” the singer added.

It should be noted that the scandal arose after the blogger Oleg Mashukovsky posted a video with fur seals, with which he posed in the hotel room of the “Nemo” dolphinarium. In the video, the animals looked sad and tired. So Oleg was criticized for his cruelty to animals. continuously The blogger apologized for the offensive video and deleted it.

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