Chamber Speaker Bekarova Adamova opened the Business Forum in Israel

The Speaker of the House noted Israel’s reputation as a nation of start-ups. “This is an important source of inspiration and opportunities for Czech entrepreneurs. Czech manufacturers have great potential to apply themselves in the Israeli economy,” Pekarova Adamova said in welcoming the forum’s delegates at the Dan Hotel complex in Tel Aviv.

He identified distance and the fact that the Czech Republic was a landlocked country as the only limitation to fully liberalized mutual trade. Despite this, Czech exports to Israel exceed those of countries such as Poland, Austria, Slovakia or Hungary.

Skoda Auto alone exported half a billion dollars worth of cars to Israel last year and is the most successful European car manufacturer in the local market.

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Near and Middle East

Other business partnerships are also emerging, for example the supply of trams to Jerusalem, adjustable beds for hospitals or geotextiles for building retention tanks.

“Between Czech and Israeli companies, we see many promising areas, especially water management, waste management, energy, chemical industry, information technology and defense industry,” listed Pekarova Adamova.

Photo: Luděk Fiala, Novinky

Speaker of the House Marketa Bekarova Adamova (TOP 09) opens the Czech-Israeli Business Forum.

15 companies from the Czech Republic are participating in the business mission to Israel, whose representatives will discuss cooperation with Israeli partners.

Begarova Adamova’s visit to Israel will last until Wednesday. He met with his parliamentary representative, Knesset Speaker Amir Ochana. He will also meet with President Yitzhak Hercog.

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