Calling smugglers! Austrian determined the whole country. Storm in CT over immigration deal

25.06.2023 15:49 | reality

CT MEP Tomáš Zdechovský (KDU-ČSL), MEP Marcel Kolaja (Pirates), Member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee Berenica Bestova (ANO) and Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee Jan HrnčDí were guests. Party on CNN Prima News. During the discussion, a comparison was drawn between Formula 1 pilot Schumacher and circuit driver Wysocke Mito. Read in any context…

Calling smugglers!  Austrian determined the whole country.  Storm in CT over immigration deal

Hans Stumpera

Description: MEP Tomáš Zdechovsky

Pirates go hard against Minister Pavlo Plasek (ODS), the STAN movement has attacked Finance Minister Zbyňek Stanjura (ODS). Is there still unity in the government coalition?

“I don’t know of any coalition government since 1990 where politicians have not been at each other’s hands. There is a need to clarify things. The main objective of the current government is clear, to reduce the public fiscal deficit and cancel meaningless tax breaks. I think the coalition parties will also agree with this. Otázky Václav Moravec mentions Zdechovský in the program Otázky for Alliance..

“I don’t think the unity of the government is breaking down. Mr. Zdechovský rightly said that there should be a debate, which sometimes leads to different opinions. But we always managed to find a compromise. The government is trying to find common ground, but the starting positions are often different,” Kolaja said. He also criticized the previous government’s exit from the current coalition.

“It’s not necessary anymore,” Peštová pointed to criticism of the previous government, which, according to her, only little children in kindergarten do to make excuses.

Zdechovský later supported Minister Stanjura and rejected comparisons with previous Finance Minister Schillerova. “It’s like comparing Schumacher to someone driving on the circuit at Wysock Mito,” Zdekowski revealed, adding that Schumacher was definitely Stanzura.

“When you look at the budget, it’s like looking at the weather forecast. I miss everything there,” Harnis countered.

  • Member of the EP and member of the board of the KDU-ČSL
  • MEP

This is about parental allowance. According to Zdechovský, who should receive the increased money? “It is good that the contribution is increasing. I have to stand up for moms. What they get today is a beggar’s wage that I should be ashamed of. “Now who gets parental allowance is a matter of debate even with the opposition,” he said.

  • SPD
  • SPD JMK leader
  • Member of Parliament

Of course, the topic of the immigration deal cannot be missed either, when the opposition says the government is lying to the people and that it has hidden quotas.


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“There are no reservations. This is a set of measures that includes the solidarity mechanism. If we have open borders, if we want to travel, we must have many common policies. Among them, of course, is the migration and asylum policy,” Kolaja commented.

Why does ANO say there are quotas in the migration deal?

“Our sovereignty has now been violated. Each sovereign decides whom to admit, under what conditions, and under what standards. It’s messed up, that’s beyond debate. I can only reflect that a minister of the Czech Republic is deciding the future of the Czech Republic when we were president and were told that we would not interfere with the security of that state with our immigration policy. Although the government claims that Peštová, the Austrian interior minister went there with a government order.

Hrnčíř spoke of the migration deal as a challenge to traffickers, for whom the deal is like an invitation to Europe – in short, European countries will take care of migrants.

Zdechovský later criticized the amount that individual states had to pay in unison.

“Preventing the migration of people is important, but it is a parallel process to accepting refugees who have the right to asylum. But they are two separate problems,” Kolaja said later, criticizing Harncir and the fact that migration is overlooked.

“Know that those countries on the external border of Schengen are in such a situation, they don’t even need money, we have signs that they want to move to pay migrants. It will be easier for them to move those migrants to Europe,” Pestova stressed.

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