Blast the entire TOP 09 and blow the Fial with Lipavský. Zeman settled in television

11.04.2024 19:41 | monitoring

The reasons for the interruption of intergovernmental consultations with Slovakia are embarrassing excuses, a continuation of the disgrace in foreign policy, which is old, former President Milos Zeman criticized the actions of the government of Prime Minister Peter Fiala (ODS). CNN Prima News. He also revealed that he has not yet given up hope of bringing Russia into Europe.

Blast the entire TOP 09 and blow the Fial with Lipavský.  Zeman settled in television

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Former President Miloš Zeman first answered a question about his health. A week after being released from the hospital, he said he was “very well.”

Then political questions arose. Above all the current relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to experts, these are “chilling” because Petr Fiala interrupted the intergovernmental consultations of the Czech and Slovak governments in early January, namely when Slovak Foreign Minister Planar met his Russian counterpart Lavrov. According to Miloš Zeman, the breakdown in relations affected Czech-Slovak relations. “Everyone, like Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, met with Russian diplomatic chief Sergei Lavrov. So it's a very embarrassing excuse,” Zeman said of the Fial government's moves on TV. CNN Prima News.

“I consider the interruption of consultations to be a continuation of a series of humiliations in our foreign policy that started with Prime Minister Fiala's canceled visit to Nigeria and Minister Sikela's canceled visit to Saudi Arabia. “Foreign policy is primitive, naive and secular in its own way,” assessed the former president.


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Zeman told newly elected Slovak President Peter Pellegrini that he was waiting for him in his Prague presidential office, where he planned to talk to him about the effectiveness of the presidential ceremony. “In my opinion, the main theme here is not to be deceived, not to be a puppet in the hands of other people – puppeteers,” said the former president, and the experienced Pellegrini is certainly not in danger of this.

On the domestic political scene, TOP 09 bothers Zeman so much that, according to him, it is very difficult to choose a more sympathetic subject. “It's a choice between the devil and the devil for me. I can't give a definitive answer,” the former president added in an exclusive interview.

Miloš Zeman participates in the SPD weekend congress, where he was invited. “Since the SPD is a party with approximately ten percent support from the citizens, it is very much in politics, so I took it upon myself to comply with this request and participate in the convention,” he pointed out.

Asked which political party he likes most at the moment, he said: “If you ask which one likes least, it's a very easy answer – TOP 09. Most likeable, it's like choosing between the devil. And the devil, I can't answer that question,” Milos said. Zeman replied.

He also revealed whether he thinks Russia is a threat: “Unfortunately, after the Gorbachev era, when it seemed like a normal European country, Russia has returned to imperial ambitions and memories of the former Soviet Union. “I have not yet given up hope of bringing Russia into Europe, but that would certainly mean a new political system, not the current one,” former President Milos Zeman said.


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