Traffic in the Czech Republic is complicated by snow and ice. Snow was hit by a tornado

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has issued a warning against strong winds affecting most of the Czech Republic. The warning remains in effect until Tuesday morning. Already on Monday morning, snow tongues and snow flurries started forming at higher elevations. The warning against them is valid till Thursday evening. Meteorologists measured hurricane winds over Sněžka.

Cold weather has hit the Czech Republic again. The problems are mainly exacerbated by the strong winds that have hit much of the Czech Republic, but people should also be aware of avalanches, avalanches and avalanches. The situation is more difficult on Class 2 and 3 roads.

Particularly strong winds hit Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Weather station Postage In Sněžka, he measured wind speeds of over 141 kilometers per hour. She thus crossed the cyclone line.

In the area of ​​Uherskohradišť, the road between Modrá and Bunč municipalities is completely closed. The reason is that the road is completely impassable due to ice. For the same reason, the road between Vizovice and Loučka is also impassable. People should plan their trips to the region accordingly.

Firefighters also closed the road between Deštný v Orlické hory and Orlické Záhorí. Many trees fell across the road in the strong winds. “The situation here is not safe. The police of the Czech Republic and the property manager have agreed to close the road,” the firefighters wrote. Twitter.

Hradec Kralov also caused weather problems elsewhere in the region. According to the website Directorate of Roads and Motorways Two passenger cars collided on a glacial road between Onisów and Bystry in Rychnovska. The car hit the bus again near Nachot. Fortunately, there were no injuries in both the accidents.

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In the Liberec region, the police closed the I/10 road in the section from Thanwald to Harachov. The closure also applies to the section of road leading towards the Polish border. Originally, the road was supposed to be closed from four in the afternoon, but due to bad weather, the police decided to stop the traffic already at 11 in the morning.

Motorists traveling on elevated roads should take extra care. Especially in Krkonoše, Beskydy, Jeseníky and Domažlicka regions, avalanches caused by strong winds and snow are dangerous. However, even in low-lying areas, it is not completely safe. There is a risk of wet roads in Královéhradeck, Benešovské and Vysočín, while around Mladoboleslavsk, Jindřichohradeck and Česká Třebová, 2nd and 3rd class roads are mostly covered with snow.

Strong wind warning

A high wind warning remains in effect until 6 a.m. Monday Most of the Czech Republic. Only the Zlín Region and parts of the South Moravian and Olomouc Regions, adjacent to the Zlín Region, will be completely spared.

“Fresh southwesterly to west, gradually becoming northwesterly at 20 m/s (70 km/h),” forecasters explained. The following diagram shows exactly where the warning applies:

Warning against strong winds 30.1. 2023 | Source: CHMÚ

Ice tongues and drifts

ČHMÚ’s weekly forecast predicts snow from Monday, which will be more intense at higher altitudes and in the mountains, so meteorologists have issued warnings against snow tongues and drifts.

There is a risk of snow In a part of Liberec region (Frýdlant, Jablonec nad Nisou, Jilemnice, Tanvald) and part of the Hradec Králové region (Trutnov, Vrchlabí), from an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

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At an altitude of 600 meters there is a threat of snow tongues. “Some roads may be impassable. Extra caution is required while driving. Follow traffic reports while traveling. In the mountains, follow instructions from the Mountain Service,” meteorologists stress.

The warning is valid for part of each region, except Prague. As before the snowfall, it is valid from noon on Monday to 6 pm on Thursday.

The warning is valid from January 30.

Warning against the danger of ice tongues and drifts | Source: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Czechia was hit by snow. Due to bad weather, many cars crashed:

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