“I no longer burn and shine.” Special Eva Holupova on Christmas Eve

Actress Eva Holupova addressed a special message to her supporters. In the aftermath of a recent shoot in Prague, she shares that her mind is sometimes foggy and sometimes stormy. She reportedly cried through the beds. I don't burn or shine anymore, she agreed. He says he's looking for a lighthouse. Evil attacks from everywhere, the actress feels.


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“My heartfelt thanks to everyone for Christmas, my holiday, and Happy New Year 2024. And I'm sending photos from our 'psycho games'. Basically, support me and strengthen me and encourage me to calm down, because if you want to give light to others, you have to burn yourself. I'm not burning or I admit it's not lit. I'm looking for a beacon, even though I think I'm giving up, I still have it. Thanks to family and faith, I'm not giving up. But it's hard. Evil seems to attack from all sides. One crack closes, another breaks. Sometimes I don't understand anything. ” wrote actress Eva Holupova on her Instagram account.

“Why? What's going on? Why do people make each other's lives miserable or kill each other? Why do individuals cause unhappiness to others who are not directly related to their lives. Thanks to Beliskey's reaction, I cried because of them this year. I was always surprised when I heard and realized that I was laughing. Hysteria? Safety? Unwilling behavior? I honestly don't know myself. My mind is a moment in a fog, a moment in a storm. I'm grateful to find a beacon to lead me to the safety of the harbor, a bridge to cross the choppy waters. 'Child Jesus', whatever it is, pray for us. ,” Holupova added in her post, posted on Instagram just after midnight on Christmas Day.

He used the word beacon in his post, in which he remembered the late Karel Schwarzenberg.

“At one point in my life, I received a great gift in the form of the 'Three Beacons' of Karel Schwarzenberg, Milos Forman and Vaclav Havel. The last one of them went out. But a new star shone and completed the constellation-triangle of three wonderful sons of this nation. Our Thank you, Jasnost, for what you did for me, for the country. What I remember most is how you prepared me for John Amos Comensky's 'Defense' in The Greatest of Bohemia. How did you welcome the poor Indian students from Peru who visited us during the break between 2 meetings as Foreign Minister? Someone? It is very important for them that one treats them with respect and dignity, which they do not get in their country. When you were first elected to the Senate, the way we sang with Vaclav Havel and Laya Smoljak with the first Czech and then the Slovak anthem… Memories touch, warm, but the heart yearns, the soul is sad. Yes, my heart is sad… So say hello…”


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