An electronic military ID may appear in “action”: Summons sent by application

The Ministry of Statistics has clarified whether men will automatically get summons through Diya.

A new service may appear in the “Active” application – an electronic military ID. However, sending calling Not programmed by application.

Mstislav Banik, Head of Electronic Services Development of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, said this. write down Village.

“Neither this resolution nor any other resolution provides for the receipt of subpoenas by DIA. We do not yet have any such tasks in our work plan,” he explained.

According to the decision of the Cabinet, a new service “DIA” – an electronic military ID should appear. How this will be implemented and how the service will work is still unknown.

We will remind the Cabinet through a resolution on December 30 Approved a new procedure for military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. The government, in particular, provided for the creation of a single state register of conscripts, changed the rules for compulsory registration of expatriates and women. A unified state register of conscripts is also provided.

Jury Yuriy Donczak explained. Can they send summons through their relatives?as well as obtaining mobilization orders at check posts.

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