Apho hnzda case the court will judge. Blame it on Bobby and Nagio

Obalopa says that in the summer of 2007 and 2008, Bobby ensured that Pharma Abhensto was taken out of Agrofert and that the shares were sold to his children and his partner. According to the government representative, he did this so that the farm met the conditions for receiving subsidies for small and medium enterprises.

According to the packaging, Nagyov filed enough for the grant. According to the complaint, the regional council of the Stetne H region was established at a cost of 50 million kroner.

Sttn suggests descent for both Baby and Nagy Complete the conditions with a five-year probationary period. He wants to fine them, ten million crowns for Papia, half a million crowns for Nagy. According to the complaint, all the conditions for imposition of penalty under the statutory rate, including imprisonment of five to ten years, are met.

Bobby He says the case has been fabricated for a long time and it is a political process. Ve sv zvren ei According to him, he particularly focused on how various people abused his son from his first marriage, Andrej Baby the Younger, who suffered from schizophrenia.

Babiva’s son was originally accused in the case, but his case was later dropped, so he appeared as a witness in the case. He claims that his father transferred the Abo shares to him without his knowledge and made a profit from it.

Bobby, Nagyov Even their lawyers told the court that not a single proof was produced that the accused had done anything illegal.

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