Grandmother? No. The mayor of Ostrava and the governor of Moravia-Silesia do not elect the head of their ANO movement.

ohTomáš Macura, mayor of Strava and traditionalist party rebel, admitted to Hospodářské novinim that he will not vote for Andrej Babiš, leader of his ANO movement, in the presidential election. He revealed the same In an interview for Seznam Zpravy and Moravian-Silesian Governor and ANO Vice President Ivo Vondrak. For anyone, Babis is a suitable candidate for the presidency. Instead of a party leader, Vondrak will choose a general Peter Paul. Magura is also considering this.

“I will not vote for Mr. Andrej Babis. On the day of acquittal in the Sparrow’s Nest case I congratulate him, but the fact that he as a person does not live up to my ideas and ideals does not change my position, which I associate with the office of the President. At the same time, I consider the presidential election to be a completely personal matter and ‘party discipline’ does not apply to it,” said HN Magura.

He also said he was considering picking Peter Pavle. “I haven’t decided definitively yet, but it will most likely be him,” added the vice president of ANO and a member of the movement’s board until last year. However, at conferences, he repeatedly criticized the movement for its lack of ideological superiority and for losing the support of middle-class urban voters. Elected as the mayor for the third term, he has been in office continuously since 2014.

Vondrák has previously expressed himself in a similar vein. “I will not vote for Andrej Babis in the presidential election. A person is needed to repair the ditches. These are very deep now. “I’m not saying that any of the other candidates can do it, but I think it’s not a function for Andrzej Babis,” he said.

According to Vondrak, the presidency requires significantly more nobility and tolerance for what others say. “Last time, I did not vote for Mr. Milos Zeman, but for Mr. Jiri Drahoš, although not with great pleasure. This year, for me, he will be the most suitable person awarded by the Moravian-Silesian Region for what he has done for the defense of the Czech Republic,” he justified his decision. . Pavel Mendel is associated with Danusa Nerudova, the former rector of the university, and Babis. Among the favorites in the first round. Their preferences are relatively balanced.

“Pavel seems to me to be a person who can accurately express himself, even though he has a dark part of the past. But I can’t say that I’m completely pure. People who didn’t live in that time don’t know what it was like. That’s how I feel about it so far,” Vondrak, the second-term governor, added.

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