“A big mess”. The half-marathon in Prague brought dozens of falls and shock plans

In relation to marathon running, providing action for an extraordinary event, the casualties are related to the physical impact of water, including the health effects of many. Due to this, the trauma center was avoided, the rescue team said. By 2:30 pm, five tablets had been administered so far to patients who were in a state of collapse, they added.

In the words of the rescue service Karel Kirs, it is unclear how the situation will develop when the trauma center has a large number of people affected, sometimes even as a precaution, and the future is uncertain. There are victims after physical exertion, including falls, he said.

People collapsed even in Kili

According to the driver, the heat on the track caused problems, with the drums collapsing and in the goal area, the full time was engraved on the medal. To me it is a big mess, the place is not ready for such a large number of people. Coordination didn't work because the organizers couldn't hear over the noise of the music. In my opinion, it could have been handled better, only the editors of iDNES.cz stood up for themselves.

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According to him, it took Asa an hour to engrave. Not far from me, a deer fell to the ground and we splashed it with water. Many ambulances were also drunk. In the customs area (in Holyovic Trinica, note) There is nowhere to hide in the dark. It's not just closed for the faint of heart, so they must have been here with shoppers, he said.

There were problems before the start when a crowd of athletes blocked the way to register. It was hot on the trail, but the applicant provided enough fluids. It was physically tough, but they were ready on the trail, Bure said.

Temperatures in Prague are above average

In Prague on Saturday, the temperature reached 20 degrees Celsius and they faced unusual heat. “Too hot, I want to drop from the ninth kilometer,” said one PC on social media. He also said that his fainting period was not far off.

According to the meteorologist, the temperature will be between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius for the next five days. A beautiful first tropical day of the year is also not ruled out, historically set at least on April 17 in 1934 in Dilma, where it was exactly 30 degrees, meteorologists said.

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