Trump's advisers want to bring Zelensky and Putin to the negotiating table

Journalists believe that such an initiative would “overturn decades of US policy and break the security alliance.”

Former President and A candidate for the presidency of the United States Donald Trump It wants to push Ukraine into talks with Russia if it comes back to power.

It has been reported Bloomberg The words of politicians who know the issue well.

In addition, according to them, Trump is considering reducing obligations for some NATO members. withTrump allies have discussed a two-tier NATO alliance, where Article 5, which requires common defense of any member under attack, applies only to countries that have met defense spending targets. No political decisions have been taken yet. And Others suggest new tariffs for countries lagging behind in defense components.

“These initiatives, if implemented, would reverse decades of U.S. policy, break up the security alliances that have shaped European security since the Cold War, and worry allies in Asia about Washington's commitment to confronting China,” the newspaper's journalists write.

One of Trump's advisers said the option to cut off US military aid would help Ukraine sit at the negotiating table, while “the threat of increased US aid could push Russia to do more”.

“The campaign is not currently negotiating with Russian or Ukrainian intermediaries because doing so would violate US law, which prohibits private individuals from negotiating on behalf of the government,” the news agency said in a statement.

As the NYT wrote the other day, we'll remind you that Trump can make a deal with Putin, and they're preparing in fear in Europe.

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