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The US administration said this was not the first evidence of Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

The US State Department has seen footage of the execution of an unarmed soldier of Ukraine’s armed forces and said it was further evidence of Russian barbarity and atrocities in the war against Ukraine.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said this at a briefing on March 7.

“The gruesome scenes of an unarmed Ukrainian being hanged for simply saying “Glory to Ukraine” are shocking in terms of barbarism,” a State Department representative said.

He also insisted that Russia should be ashamed of such actions The country “ignores the basic rules of war, basic human decency, When its troops participate in such atrocities.”

Price added that the Russian military has committed numerous war crimes in Ukraine and that the United States is “not naïve enough to believe that Russia will admit it or change its behavior in the future.”

“Sure, This is not the first evidence of the Russian Federation’s apparent atrocities in Ukraine and, unfortunately, will not be the last.”– noted the representative of the US administration.

He also recalled that the occupying country had repeatedly declared its desire for peace but had done nothing towards it.

Price reiterated the official US position that peace could still come to Ukraine today if Russia decided to end the war and withdraw its forces from the neighboring state.

We will remind you that a video appeared on the Internet the other day, in which the Russian aggressors shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” to a captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After saying that, they shot him dead. According to this fact, a case has already been opened, the authorities promise to find and punish the killers, and invite the world to join in. Currently, the name of the hanged soldier is not known for sure. According to preliminary data, it could be about Timofy Shadura or Oleksandr Matsievskyi.

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