The Russian army shelled 13 communities in the Sumy region during the day

On April 16, the Sumy Regional Military Administration reported that the Russian military had shelled 13 communities in the region, recording more than 200 explosions and injuring one civilian.

This is stated in the record Facebook.

“During the day, the Russians carried out 35 shelling of the border areas and settlements of the Sumy region. 218 explosions were reported. The communities of Myropil, Yunakiv, Bilopol, Vorozhbyan, Krasnopil, Velikopysariv, Krolevets, Shalygin, Esman, Shostkin, Seredino-Bud, Znob-Novgorod, Yampil set on fire,” said the message.

Specifically, the following communities came under fire:

  • Bilopolsk community: small arms, mortars (20 explosions), AGS (35 explosions), artillery (16 explosions), and FPV drone (1 explosion) fired from the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Ceredino-Butsk community: Enemy fired artillery (34 explosions), mortar (6 explosions).
  • Velykopisarivsk community: NURS fire recorded, 8 rockets from 1 rotorcraft, mortar fire (9 explosions).
  • Community of Znob-Novgorod: Russians attack with artillery (25 explosions).
  • Grolevetska community: shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation was carried out by rocket launchers (4 explosions).
  • Esmansk community: Artillery shelling (2 explosions).
  • Myropil Community: 2 enemy FPV drones attack recorded.
  • Krasnopil Community: 23 mines were dropped by the enemy on the territory of the community. Artillery (12 bursts) also took place.
  • Yunakivsk community: mortar attacks (6 explosions) were carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation, VOG munitions were dropped by enemy UAVs (3 explosions).
  • Yampilsk Community: An Air Raid (KAB) was conducted. One person was injured due to the impact.
  • Shalyginsk Community: Russians fired artillery (7 bursts) and mortars (5 bursts).
  • Shostkinsk community: hit by enemy anti-aircraft missile (2 explosions).
  • Vorozhbian Community: Artillery shelling (4 explosions) was recorded.
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By the way, on April 16, Russian occupation forces launched an airstrike on Perislav, previously injuring 15 civilians.

Earlier, it was reported that Russian occupation forces attacked Zolota Balka in the Kherson region, recording seven “hits” and wounding one person.

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