The lies spread by the government of the Czech Republic killed people. Dr. Cincora annoys many people

14.01.2024 20:21 | monitoring

The government spread deadly misinformation during the pandemic, says immunologist Jiri Sinkora. In an interview with the YouTube channel Innovation of the Republic, he looked back at how the Czech Republic coped with the pandemic. He stopped at the fact that there was no reflection here. He also talked about how Covid has divided society.

The lies spread by the government of the Czech Republic killed people.  Dr. Cincora annoys many people

Hans Stumpera

Description: Immunologist Jiri Cincora

“The only difference between Covid and the other viruses that are killing us right now is that we still track it and go crazy with PCR tests. I don't understand why we do this,” Jiri Cincora, an immunologist who was against widespread vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic, told the YouTube channel Innovation. He said in an interview with Off the Republic.

According to an immunologist, the current circulating variant of the Omicron coronavirus is the “perfect virus” that can protect the immune system against it. According to him, the reason why the first variant is so dangerous for people is precisely that this variant of Covid is not used for humans and humans.

“For the immune system to wake up, the thing has to be dangerous. We are constantly moving in an environment of dangerous microbes, poisons, but also dust and the like. If the immune system reacts to everything, we will go crazy. She will kill us,” Sincora explained.

He recalled that in the past people have already encountered similar viruses four times from the same coronavirus family. The only difference was that there were fewer old people and people didn't panic.

Still, Cincora doesn't anticipate any major self-reflection in handling the pandemic. “It'll be Czech in general and we'll stop talking about it,” he predicted, adding that Germany and Austria had behaved “even more stupidly” than the Czech Republic during the pandemic.

According to Cincora, the Czech Republic has learned its lesson, but fear is entrenched here. He also mentioned his concerns about the oblivion of the Czech nation. “If something new comes along, I'm afraid we won't remember it again. I'm afraid we don't remember what happened here thirty years ago. We act like we've forgotten how 'great' it was. We can't go anywhere, we know everything because we're told.” ,” said the immunologist, who added that he had not forgotten.

According to Cincora, they handled the epidemic well in Sweden. “Be careful, but don't lock anything. That's how it should be done,” he said.

The mistake, according to him, was continuing to wear respirators. “So far we've been paying,” he said. However, the immunologist believes that the worst mistake during the epidemic in the Czech Republic was misinformation provided by some government officials. “That's it: We know everything. Or sentences like this: The vaccinated person does not get infected, he does not infect anyone. The Minister of Health said it, Blatný said it, Válek said it. Those sentences are recorded,” he recalled.

The Covid pandemic has also divided society. “The community was divided because somebody believed the nonsense that the authorities here threw at us, and somebody believed the people who said it,” Shingora recalled, adding that at the time he didn't understand how. Minister Blatný does not have an adviser on his side who understands immunology.

According to Cincora, the health minister was told at the time that a vaccinated person could not contract Covid-19 “was one of the most deadly misinformation”. People who believed in this continued to visit their grandparents without fear.

“A lot of people believed. And people who knew we didn't need any vaccinations…we were left out. We were second-class people, we had different rights. That was a mistake,” he said, adding, of course, that it also divided the community.

At the end of the interview, he said that disputes should be resolved through discussion, not hatred.


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