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Girkin called the Battle of Bakhmut “the Battle of Stalingrad in reverse”.

Terrorist Kirkin again predicted Russia’s humiliating defeat in the Battle of Bagmuth.

He has written about this in his Telegram channel.

At this point, the Russian terrorist noted that Russian military commanders could seriously miscalculate. In addition, he drew parallels between the Battle of Baghmut and the Battle of Stalingrad.

In particular, Girkin called the Battle of Bakhmut “the Battle of Stalingrad in reverse”. According to him, during the Stalingrad battles, the Soviet military command was able to impose a long and hopeless battle on the German troops, that is, preparing for the attack. The Germans believed they could repel the attack.

Kirkin predicts that the occupation army commanders in the battles for Pakmut today may repeat the mistakes made by the Wehrmacht at the end of 1942.

Let’s remember the day before a Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov Again he criticized the actions of the occupying forces in Pakmut. In particular, he predicts Russia’s strategic defeat.

The terrorist also said that the Russian invaders had failed Winter campaign In Ukraine. In particular, the “Wagnerians” could not make significant progress on Buckmut.

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