The drunk driver fled and later assaulted and cursed the police officer

The accident happened on Sunday around 8pm in Choustníková Hradišti near Dvor Králové nad Labem. A damaged road sign and a wrecked car were at the scene, with the driver missing. Police found him 10 kilometers away from the accident site.

“Traffic inspector police officers from Trutnov called a 49-year-old man apparently drunk in connection with the accident investigation to submit to an alcohol breath test, he refused and behaved arrogantly and rudely to them,” police spokesperson Šárka Pižlová described the arrest of the drunk driver.

The aggressor also refused a medical examination involving a blood sample. “Instead, he escalated his behavior towards the police officers who intervened. According to the camera footage, he threatened them with bodily harm,” a police spokesperson said.

He punched one of the policemen in the face who required medical treatment. So, the police insisted, handcuffed him and arrested him on the spot.

“On Monday, the Commissioner of Police opened criminal proceedings against him on suspicion of committing the crime of intimidation with intent to influence a public authority, and on suspicion of committing a violent crime against an officer, for which he faces up to four years in prison,” a police spokesman said.

The accused was released on Tuesday and a case has been registered against him. The causes and circumstances of the Choustník Hradiště road accident are investigated by Náchod “accidents”.

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