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By the end of spring, Russia will run out of “military tools” to achieve its goals in Ukraine, and in the spring of 2023 there will be a decisive battle that will be the last in this war. This is the preview of the interview America Today The head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense announced Kyrillo Budanov.

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The head of the GUR believes that Ukraine and Russia will meet in the spring in a “decisive battle, and this battle will be the last before the end of the war.” He did not explain what these predictions were based on.

“Russia has spent a huge amount of human resources, weapons and materials. Its economy and production cannot compensate for these losses. It has changed its military discipline,” Budanov said.

He added that the war will not end until Crimea is freed from the Russian occupiers.

  • Budanov believes that Russia is not ready for a decades-long war, and the sooner it gives peace to Ukraine, the more likely it will be to preserve its own integrity.
  • According to the predictions of the head of GUR, active fighting will take place on the eastern and southern fronts in the next three months, and decisive battles will take place in the middle or at the end of spring.

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