The company’s strengths have helped a lot, Skopeek said. Undrinkable, mn Havlek

Skopjek denied that the government would help companies in any way because of expensive energy. According to him, it is necessary to solve the energy crisis at the level of the European Union, with which, according to Skopek, the Czech Republic is negotiating.

The company’s success will certainly help, as it has helped in the past year. 110 million crowns from the total budget was used for this. The price of energy pits will fall. Everyone suspects that the collapse of Czech industry is threatened when the government takes the burden on itself, Skopjek said.

According to him, energy regulation is not closed yet. It would be irresponsible to place the blame on the state, Skopjek added.

Energy now requires emission allowances, the impact on the economy, according to the government’s deputy minister. And Havlek agrees. He warned that because of Brussels’ purely green ambitions, the economy was at risk of collapse.

However, he criticized the reduced aid of 110 billion, according to him, the government took too much from the tariff and should be seen in the budget. 2022 became the relative time. By 2023, the industry will see a five percent drop between years. Havelek said that it is unacceptable for Germany to change energy prices for companies, but companies here will increase by 200 percent.

According to Skopek, one of the reasons is that if companies receive grants, they must use the aid provided to them.

In the Czech Republic it is currently 7 crowns per kilowatt-hour of electricity, for example in Poland it is only 4.30 crowns. Skopek said the cost of the dam is not high.

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The editor of EZ said that the invitation would not be that big. So I think the day of great tragedy will never happen. The state needs tools to help people in poor social situations who can’t afford to pay, Skopjek pointed out.

According to him, the government can improve its communication with the public. According to Havelock, creating information confusion on the part of the government, especially when control of the energy sector is increased to 64 billion.

Thanks. We received documents from advertising powerhouses. For 15 percent of customers, energy costs will increase, and 70 percent for companies and duplexes, Havelek said. According to him, companies do not compete in the international market.

About 15 percent have social policy tools to help families, Skopjek said. He rejected Havalko’s criticism that the government would do nothing to help people with expensive energy.

Havelock is preparing for an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on Thursday. Hopefully the government will prevent the government from backing down, and energy won’t increase by 200 percent, Havlek said.

Skopje pointed out that the energies are darkness, which permeates an election season. Oteven schze support. We bear the consequences of the state in which you have trampled our energy. It can find a minimum common denominator and be heard as a common voice even on the EU floor, Skopjek said.

Nerudov wants better government communications

Memoirs of Carl Schwarzenberg

It is a very sad day, not only in political life, said a notable person. He greatly influenced Czech and foreign policy. Even if I don’t always agree with him, a discussion with him is always worthwhile. She was impressed by his sense of humor and demeanor, Skopjek said.

According to Havelko, the king played a very important role as the chancellor of former president VĂ­clav Havel, who made a major contribution to foreign politics through his contacts.

Vondra recalls that he was a very open hunter, while politicians tend to close themselves in bubbles. He is a vacationer, but right at heart. He served the country like no other, Vondra said. Nerudov was said to be a personality who developed the political scene and was irreplaceable.

He doesn’t wear a shirt as an enemy of the party to attack you. He even stood against it. Jarlek pointed out that if it disappears from Czech politics, it is bad for them. Hlavek said he always admired Schwarzenberg’s ability to make connections.

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According to MEP Alexander Vondra (ODS), the threat of external energy is now an impact of the Green Deal. First, there is the impact on buildings and people. Vondra said the European Commission was against it.

According to him, it is necessary to help government agencies, namely by introducing emission allowances first. Germany will follow the path of tariffs due to rising energy prices and, according to Vondra, it is necessary to find a way.

He’s gone, he doesn’t know what energy prices will be like in November, January. This is happening in countries in a state of flux, said MEP Martin Hlavek (ANO). According to him, 60 billion will fall on tax companies and families.

ANO criticized the directive on emissions allowances and warned against its use. I suspect families will suffer as well. The Czech Republic was among the worst affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe as the chaos was declared. This is how we got to the pre-Covid rush, Nerudov said.

According to Nerudas, the government needs to communicate well so as not to promote uncertainty in the economy. According to Lubomr Zaorlek, former foreign minister and mayor of SOCDEM, it is necessary to avoid the cause of the energy crisis.

On January 6, 2022, the European Union recommended capping energy prices, and on the second day the government cut prices by 90 percent, which was not recommended. We shouldn’t put a ceiling on suppliers, but on manufacturers’ prices, Zaorlek criticized.

According to Zorlek, the government gave 100 billion to the energy oligarchs. Nerudov countered that this was the result of a long-standing energy policy that focused mainly on cheap gas from Russia. No one was concerned that it was a security risk, Nerudov pointed out.

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