Sonya Morosiuk left Hrinkevich. She says she will sell the wedding ring, she hates it

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Artist Sonya Morosiuk dumped Roman Hrynkevich, the son of scandalous Lviv businessman Ihor Hrynkevich, who was suspected of corruption.

Morozyuk wrote about her InstagramHe mentioned that he would sell all his gifts, a necklace and a wedding ring, and donate the money to the armed forces.

Morosiuk wrote that he would not marry her as previously planned.

“We will not be one family. I will not take the surname Hrinkevich. I will not be with someone who betrayed my country. I believed. Now I feel disgusted, I feel cheated and used,” her post read.

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Sonya Morosiuk revealed a hand without a wedding ring

Within an hour, users posted more than a thousand comments under this post. Someone supports her and admires her courage. But most of the reactions are negative. The artist was asked where the family's money came from and why he did not take such a step earlier, but only after weeks of high-profile scandals.

Also, users of social networks ask the artist about the fate of his real estate – apartments and an art studio, which were allegedly given to him by Roman Hrinkevich.

In the recording, Sonya Morosiuk noted that she received only two gifts from Hrinkevich, and none of them contained real estate.

“I reject all suspicions that I received something else from Roman or his family members – apartments, cars, real estate, whatever – and I am ready to prove it in court in any way. The promise to submit a declaration is still there. In effect,” – said the artist. .

He assures that all the property he bought last year is his money. Also, according to Morozyuk, the Hrynkevich family did not invest in his development as an artist.

She only knew the groom for five months, and according to Morosiak, fame came before her.

On January 11, the ARMA Agency for the Search and Management of Stolen Assets announced that it had searched for elite real estate, expensive cars and weapons belonging to the Hrinkevich family. Among them were two apartments owned by Roman's son's fiancee, Sofia Morosiuk.

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The Hrynkevich family is now under close scrutiny

On January 11, SBI seized assets and accounts of real estate, premium cars and companies controlled by Hrinkevich. However, it was not specified whether the seized property included artist Morosiuk's apartment.

Ihor Hrynkevich already has two doubts. Hrinkevich was first suspected in December 2023 for an episode in which he allegedly sought to pay a $500,000 bribe to one of the DPR leaders.

The second suspicion concerns the creation of a criminal organization. The businessman “created a criminal organization for the illegal use of budget funds,” the DBR said. To this end, he concluded contracts with the Ministry of Defense for the supply of low-quality military uniforms. This resulted in losses of almost one billion hryvnias in the budget of Ukraine.

After the scandals, the Ministry of Defense decided to terminate contracts with companies related to the Hrynkevichs, which were one of their largest suppliers.

The businessman's son, Roman Hrinkevich, said he was “certainly” that his family's activities “were in accordance with the current law”.

It is known that the son formally owns a company that has a contract with the Ministry of Defense. And his father relinquished formal ownership of the companies earlier.

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