Schillerova compared the head of the chamber to Zakharova. Sorry, Fiala asks

Schiller's latest statement about the desire to live in peace and resignation to the reality of the modern world surprised many experts and politicians. However, the Vice-President of ANO spoke in the spirit established in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Pekarova responded on the Adamova Network by recalling the last statement of the Vice-President of the Russian Security Council and former President Dmitry Medvedev. He threatened to use nuclear weapons again.

“They say we are threatening nuclear war. No, it's not us. It scares Russia. That's why it must be defeated,” Pekarova said, adding that she hoped Schillerova would distance herself from her statement.

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The opposite is true, with former finance minister Bekarova Adamova, who now handles foreign and defense policy, calling the statements “outrageous,” and Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova likening the chamber's head to a Kremlin mouthpiece. Even that didn't satisfy her, and she went further in her condemnations when she pointed out that she had a lot in common with Medvedev.

Fiala: Delete it and apologize

“He who has no arguments insults. But insults only show the weakness of the one who uses them. We are already used to many things from the opposition. But let's not get used to it,” wrote the prime minister, according to which Schiller should “quickly remove his inappropriate, personally offensive post” and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Apologize.

“We don't want to prepare for war.” Schiller takes this for his populist-pacifist statement

“It is not just the political culture in our country but myself. His words say nothing about Markéta Pekarová Adamová, but they say a lot about Alena Schillerová…,” the prime minister added.

Havlicek: You started

Another vice-president of the ANO movement, Karel Havlicek, responded to Fiel's appeal, saying people knew that Fiel's “elitist cabinet” in the Czech Republic had a “monopoly on offensive labelling”. It all started not with Schiller, but with Pekarova Adamova's words, in response to his naive peace statement, in which she advised the Prime Minister to compare the coalition partners by calling him a “mouthpiece of Russian propaganda”. “

Thanks to the entertainment, the Ministry responded to Zakharova

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