Ševčík strikes again. He thinks the Ethics Commission of the University of Economics and Business Administration and its employer are deliberately manipulating.

Ševčík said this in his statement released on Friday Website Universities. VŠE rector Petr Dvořák says Ševčík has been damaging the school’s good name for a long time. For example, Dean was at the March anti-government demonstration at the National Museum in Prague, where the police had to intervene.

A meeting of the University-wide committee was held on May 23 from 3:00 p.m. However, Ševčík says that he informed Lucia Andreysova, the head of VŠE’s ethics commission, in advance that he had a firm participation in the session of the faculty council during this term. So he wanted to attend his lawyer’s meeting from the beginning. But he was not allowed to do so. Ševčík wanted to put it on the record, but according to him, his complaint did not appear on it.

Register It is completely manipulated, it is false, some facts are not recorded there, on the contrary, some facts I have witnessed are wrongly, distorted or incompletely recorded,” he said.

According to him, his performance was also distorted and recorded incorrectly in the minutes. “I clearly emphasized that I am not pro-Russian and never have been. This is not even mentioned in the minutes,” he pointed out. He believes that his statement was not given enough time.

“Taking these facts into account, the next step of Rector Peter Dvořák, who misused this manipulated and untrue speech in the minutes of the meeting of the Ethics Committee of the University of Economics, cannot be called anything but unethical and immoral. Academic Senate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Economics, added Saveczyk. Two days after the meeting of the Ethics Committee, Dvořák requested another extraordinary meeting of the Senate of the Faculty of Economics.

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Dvořák criticizes Sevkić for participating in several anti-government rallies and giving speeches at some of them. The media also captured Dean at the March anti-government demonstration against poverty in Czechia and the subsequent demonstration at the National Museum in Prague, where the police had to intervene. Ševčík insists that there are no reasons for him to become the head of the faculty. He says he was at the museum and was only helping someone who was injured.

According to the Higher Education Act, the rector of the university may dismiss the dean on his own initiative if the dean fails to perform his duties or seriously damages the welfare of the university or the faculty. The condition is the prior report of the Faculty’s Academic Senate and the approval of the Academic Senate of the public university.

According to the faculty ethics committee of the Faculty of Economics, Ševčík did not violate the school’s rules. Members of the commission, among others, took actions accusing the rector of dean outside the performance of his duties, in his spare time, and often with the express statement that he did not represent the faculty. or university.

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