President of Prussia Plinerska Pakowski resigns. The supervisory board fired him due to “differences of opinion”.

VThe administration of the municipal company Pražská plynárenská administration ends unexpectedly director Martin Pacovský. Company announced on its websiteThe supervisory board removed the manager from the board of directors “due to differing opinions on the management and operations of the company.”

Pacovský headed the company for less than three years from January 2021. He is one of the most popular domestic energy companies. The communications manager often explained the operation of the energy market during last year’s crisis in the media and social networks. There, he confirmed his decision to manage the company. “After three very busy and wild years, my work at Pruszka Plinerska was yesterday It’s over,” Pakowski wrote on Twitter, the X social network, earlier.


“We know what happens when the gas supply is cut off, but it’s not a happy one,” says Martin Pakowski from Przeska Plinerska.

23/06/2022 ▪ 12 minutes reading

“I respect the will of the shareholder and the supervisory board, we differ in our views on the depth and speed of the changes,” he told HN Pakowski. He believes the breakup went well. “I am handing over the company in good shape and Prussia Plinerska looks set to have a record year.”

Before joining the capital’s 100% owned company, he worked at the semi-state energy company ČEZ. In addition to energy, it is involved in brewing. Pakovsky is behind the Městská pivovary group, which protects five regional breweries such as Jarošovský pivovar, Znojemský měšídský pivovar and Harry Brno brewery.

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Prussian Plinerska is one of the largest energy suppliers in the Czech Republic. It supplies gas to 353,000 and electricity to 55,000 consumption points. Last year, it achieved a profit after tax of 640 million kroner, with sales of 32.5 billion kroner.

Who will replace Pakowski at the company’s management is currently open. “An open tender will be announced to fill up the vacant post on the Board of Directors of the company,” the company said.

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