New Russian Army in the South: ISW Says What Task It Faces

US analysts say the new army will consist mainly of conscripted personnel.

The new army, led by Russia, will operate in the south and carry out defensive operations.

about this It is said In the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) Daily Report.

“On August 21st the British Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian military is likely to form a new force 18th Joint Army Especially from other units currently operating in the Kherson region of the 22nd Army Corps. The new army will consist mainly of mobilized personnel and will focus on defensive operations in the south of Ukraine,” the ISW begins.

On June 5, Russian officials in Dalnehorsk, Primorsky Krai, announced that A newly formed 25th VO (Southern Military District), for which the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will recruit volunteers from the Russian Far East from mid-May. Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions In December 2023

“The formation and future deployment of the new 18th and 25th Armies in southern Ukraine will allow the redeployment of highly effective permanent formations, such as the 49th (Southern Military District) currently operating in Kherson Oblast, to more critical areas. Up front, war-weary Russian troops can be reinforced,” the analysts stress.

As British intelligence previously reported, Russia is building another army in the occupied south.

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