In the cathedral, Pavel venerated the relics of St. Nicholas, and he was able to pray

Pavel and Manelka bowed to the saint’s skull. This item was brought from the jewelry store at the Cathedral of St. Vclava. Go to church. An ancient Czech hymn, “Lord, have mercy on us,” and the hymn “Svatovklavsk Chorl” were played.

In the afternoon Archbishop John Grabner delivered the address. At this solemn moment, together we feel the enormity of responsibility not only to voters and contemporaries, but also to the past and to God. We know the complexity of the international situation and the complexity of society, because many decisions and omissions affect not only the present but also the future, he said.

The chief regional rabbi recited a verse from the Bible, and then the archbishop recited a prayer for the homeland. The President of the ERC introduced the Pn prayer and then everyone said a prayer for the new President.

After lunch in the church, all the participants went to seats in the new part of the cathedral, where the Czech Philharmonic and Prague Philharmonic choirs played.

The Czech Philharmonic and Prague Philharmonic Choirs are returning to a tradition that last took place when Wicklav Havel was elected president and played Te Deum in St. Petersburg. Vta in addition to service. It’s a tradition to think our musicians and singers are beautiful, especially with the music of our founder, Anton Divock. So, we will play Chug’s Meditations in the Svatoklassk Choral, or two of our most beloved authors, said David Marik, general editor of the Czech Philharmonic TK.

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Pavel was elected president at the end of January, defeating former Prime Minister Andrej Babi (ANO) in the second round of the election. He sent Miloe Zeman to Prague Castle. On Thursday afternoon Pavel spent the afternoon with Zeman for Eva and Ivana’s friends.

After the swearing-in, the new president delivered an opening speech, greeted residents in the castle courtyard, laid a wreath at a statue of the first Slovak president, Tom Kariku Masaryk, and spoke to some 2,500 guests at the ceremony and wedding. Bungalow village.

Pavel promised to soon release a full set of concrete goals for his first 100 days in office. The so-called 100 days immediately after taking office will not belong to him, rather he will be criticized for launching into action, he said. He wants to continue his travels to the region and open the fort and use it for open communication. He supports restoring public funds, and he says they sometimes hurt.

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