In Odessa, the staff of the military commission removed the representatives and their relatives from the register.

For $12,000, “prospective clients” found diagnoses and prepared documents related to ineligibility for military service.

A military serviceman of the Odesa Regional Center for Recruiting and Social Support (Military Commission) helped delegates and their relatives avoid mobilization. Such a “service” costs 12 thousand dollars.

about this reported In press service of DBR.

As established in the investigation, in order to remove men of compulsory age from military registration, they invented diagnoses and prepared documents related to unfitness for military service.

According to the SBI, his acquaintance, the head of one of the departments of local self-government organizations of Odessa, helped the employee of the military commissar in the search for “sub-clients”. She was responsible for calculation and accounting.

The investigation documented that at least 10 people were declared unfit for military service under the scheme.

On Thursday, October 5, SBI staff detained an officer and an employee of Odesa RTCC and JV while receiving USD 12,000 for a service from another customer.

Employees of DBR identify all those involved in fraud in Odesa RTCC and SP officials.

Arrested persons have already been notified by an official about the suspicion of obtaining an illegal advantage (Part 3 of Article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), the issue of removing them from office is resolved by choosing a preventive measure.

The sanction of the article provides punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for up to 10 years.

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