Tishchenko excused himself for a trip to Thailand. He says he came there at his own expense

photographer, Photo from Mykola Tishchenko’s Facebook page

Deputy Mykola Tishchenko, who was dismissed from the People’s Service Unit due to a trip to Thailand, spoke about the details of her visit.

According to Tishchenko, he paid for his trip to Thailand during the war in Ukraine with his own money, and the leaders of the unit knew about his trip.

After a public outcry, Tishchenko was expelled from the People’s Service Party and the SN faction in the Verkhovna Rada.

The politician said that he is currently in Vietnam, but after the meetings he will return to Ukraine in a few days.

Travel at own expense

Mykola Tishchenko said she left Ukraine on January 10 with a biometric passport because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President banned the taking of diplomatic passports on trips.

“I went here at my own expense. I signed a leave. Why? I have no moral right to go on a business trip at the expense of the state – every penny belongs to the army,” – said Tishchenko in an interview with Babel.

The deputy did not name the budget for the trip, saying only that the amount would be announced.

“The Development of Friendships”

Formerly Tishchenko wrote In social networks, he is on a business trip to Asia and fulfills the task given to the delegation – “Development of friendly relations in the direction of Asia and Africa”.

“They chose strategic directions – the Arab Emirates, Asia, Africa. Countries today do not understand what is happening in the European part of the world,” Tyshchenko said in an interview.

There are 6,800 Ukrainians living in Thailand and “nobody cares,” he reminded.

“Representatives of the embassy in Thailand approached me about the problems. Thailand has a powerful society and we came to solve problems and establish relations in this country,” asserts Tishchenko.

The deputy felt someone was “interested” in discrediting his work in Asian countries.

social resonance

On January 26, the Embassy of Ukraine in Thailand announced a meeting between Mykola Tyshchenko and representatives of the Ukrainian community at the Novotel Hotel.

Then the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stepanchuk, said that he did not sign the order for Mykola Tishchenko’s trip to Thailand, and the head of the “Servant of the People” department, David Arakamia, said that he had negotiated with the vice chancellor. The Embassy of Ukraine in Thailand decided to hold a meeting with Ukrainians living there.

After the scandal with Dzhenko, President Zelensky said that officials, deputies and all civil servants could travel abroad only with the decision of the National Security and Defense Council. On January 23, the NSDC banned officers from traveling abroad without proper reason.

photographer, UNIAN

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Activists “walled up” the entrance to an “outside” restaurant that operated during quarantine.

Among other high-profile scandals with the participation of Mykola Tishchenko – the work of his restaurant “Outside” during the quarantine in 2020, as well as a fight with deputy Gio Leros.

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