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The Inquiry Committee issued this order.

Russia responded to the declaration of a 77-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation as a wanted person in Ukraine. Patriot grill – Volodymyr Kundiyev.

This was reported by the Russian intelligence agency.

It is noteworthy that the head of the investigative committee, Oleksandr Bastrykhin, instructed officials of the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to “take investigative steps” to criminally prosecute Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Gundiao.

Pastrykin issued such an order within the framework of the investigation of a criminal case related to illegal prosecution.

According to the report, Russian is spoken in Ukraine Patriot Grill was declared a wanted person. Russian Volodymyr Kundiyev appears in the search database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the category of disappeared persons from pre-trial investigative bodies. It also mentioned that the wanted person has been remanded in custody.

by, The SBU reported this suspicion to the Russian Orthodox Church’s grill Among several charges. In particular, it was public support for a full-scale war against Ukraine and the blessing of the commander of the Russian Guard Zolotov for the war.

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