Have a beer. “I’m getting ready for a special surgery,” Ermek said in the video

Hey Tom, what’s going on here, ask Ztko for the video. It’s a long ass. Jay is preparing for a special move, confronting the condemned man with a can of beer in hand, saying he’s been drinking all day. In the two-minute video, the two acts talk about meeting the Patriots and Ekoslovk.

ermk confirmed in the video that the last meeting had two types of echoes, one real and one fake. So why ask if he is sick, is he going to have surgery, or has a specific operation in mind? I don’t even know where I am. I’ll let ermk know how I got here in a bit. He swims, do not be afraid, he is an independent hunter.

Police released a statement after Tommy Ermek ptrn v der veer. In her description of the bag, she revealed that he was not armed or dangerous. He was sentenced to two years in prison as the sentence was not served.

Police are looking for Tom Ermek.

Lawyer Norbert Naczera, who represented Ermek, told iDNES.cz that he was not in contact with him. Don’t answer my phone. He was due to go to jail last week. spe mr. Ask Ztek (Pavel Ztko, editor’s note)He was last seen introducing Naxar for iDNES.cz.

Ztko says he filmed the video on Sunday and posted it on social media on Monday. I don’t know about his condition. “I don’t know if the verdict is final,” he said in the afternoon news.

He added that he did not know where the current Ermak was. He refused saying that he would hide with him or help him somehow. I think this case led to many mistakes on the part of the court. Tom was not the first to be punished, he betrayed Ztko. He declared Ermka as a fellow fighter against covid crimes. That is what brought us together, he said.

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