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The international community is urging the killers to be brought to justice.

The brutal execution of a Ukrainian prisoner by the Russian occupiers caused an international uproar. Russia’s military has been compared to ISIS fighters and Nazis after a video of a soldier’s beheading was released.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He vowed that the international community must react and that the killers “will not be forgotten and not forgiven”. Ukrainian intelligence has previously identified the participants and the executioner.

Leaders of many countries and international organizations have condemned the actions of the Russian military, but the Kremlin has traditionally denied its culpability.

How the world reacted to another war crime committed by the Russian army – read in the TSN.ua article.


Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Gutierrez “Horrifying” video showing gruesome execution of Ukrainian POW calls for perpetrators to be brought to justice

Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Stephen Dujarric He stressed that the execution was “unfortunately not an isolated case”. He said the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine had been hit by “particularly gruesome” videos circulating on social media, documenting numerous violations of international humanitarian law, including violations of the rights of prisoners of war.

They recalled that the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine had already recorded in their reports several serious violations of international humanitarian law, particularly against prisoners of war.

European union

President of the Council of Europe Charles Michael He stressed the need to punish war criminals.

“Shocked by the brutal video showing a Russian soldier killing a Ukrainian prisoner of war. Accountability and justice must prevail over terrorism and impunity. The EU will do everything to ensure this,” Michael said.

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High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell He said he was shocked by the horrific video.

“This is a terrible violation of the Geneva Conventions. All perpetrators and accomplices of war crimes must be brought to justice. We will stand with Ukraine until Ukraine takes over!” He said.

United Kingdom

Ambassador of Great Britain to Ukraine Melinda Simmons The Russians, he insisted, had not achieved their goal by making the video public.

“This adds to the list of charges that should be brought against Russia for crimes against Ukraine. If this was done to intimidate someone, it turned out to be the opposite,” Simmons said.


Foreign Minister of France Catherine Colonna SaidThe shocking video must be dealt with by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“Executing a prisoner of war is a war crime. Filming his execution is another. I fully support the International Criminal Court, which I visited today,” Katrin Colonna wrote.


Estonia was one of the first countries to react to the atrocities of the Russian invaders. The Minister of External Affairs said Urmus RainsaluWhile Russian Federation troops commit atrocities in Ukraine – the International Olympic Committee decides whether to allow Russian athletes into the Olympics.

“A video of Russians beheading a Ukrainian soldier is circulating on Twitter. At the same time, we’re actually talking about the need for dialogue and competition at the Olympics? What are we doing here?” , Rainsalu asserted.

Republic of Che

President of the Czech Republic Peter Powell If the video is proven to be authentic, he said, it would put Russia on the same side as ISIS fighters “infamous” for brutally executing prisoners in Iraq and Syria. The Czech president reminded that there are already many documented cases that “have no place in the 21st century”.

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“If this is confirmed, it will add Russian soldiers to the Islamic State, which we must all condemn,” he stressed.


Prime Minister of Slovakia Edward Gegar It declared that the world must not get used to “daily levels” of brutal atrocities by the Russian military.

“We cannot get used to the daily level of brutal atrocities committed by the Russian occupiers in Ukraine. ISIS-style beheading of Ukrainian soldiers shows that they have no legal or human limits in the creation of evil. The Nazis thought the same, but this will not be forgotten or punished!”, – emphasized Keger.


The Kremlin has commented cynically on the executions of the Ukrainian military by the occupiers, calling the scenes “horrific”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmytro Peskov It can be expected that the Russian invaders cut off the prisoner’s head: “Of course, these are terrible scenes, first you need to check the authenticity. Did it happen, if so, where, from whose side.”

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