Ex-chancellor Mynář took jewelry worth half a million crowns from the castle’s gift shop.

During the Miloš Zeman era, the former head of the Presidential Office, Vratislav Mynář, took about half a million crowns worth of jewelry and other valuables from the castle’s prize warehouse. However, Seznam Zprávy wrote that there are no documents that concluded these items later.

Mynář’s subordinates bought more than 23 million kroner from public funds for the donation warehouse, which, according to the server, was almost empty after Petr Pavel’s visit.

Cesnam Spravy wrote that President Minas also usurped the right to take goods from the donation warehouse. According to the distributions, he took at least 535,000 crowns worth of goods, but there is no documentation of where it ended up afterwards. “Unlike other gifts given by President Zeeman, these items presented to Minor do not have the names of the recipients,” Sarver said.

In 2015, the Chancellor took a total of six gold and silver cufflinks with a lion from the warehouse, with a record value of more than 104,000 crowns. The seller says, without further details, that “the goods are supplied for the purposes of the head of the CPR”.

With the same reason, a year later, Mynas also received three gold jewels for 90,000 crowns. Already in 2014, before Christmas, the then chancellor published a full list of items for almost 80,000 crowns, according to the server, for example, gilded stained glass pictures, handbags and a suitcase. Between the Christmas holidays in 2020, three earrings with pearls – one made of yellow gold, one made of white gold and the third made of silver – went from the warehouse according to the order, totaling almost 25,000 crowns. “In March 2022, according to documents from the warehouse, Vratislav Mynář received cufflinks with vltavín for 30,000,” Seznam Zprávy wrote.

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For the need of the Cabinet

On other occasions, records record that jewels were provided for the needs of the minor’s cabinet. In one case, the Lipa Srdicida brooch with semi-precious stones worth 9,559 crowns was donated by President Alex Mainarova, according to castle records. However, when asked by Seznam Zpráv, she denied receiving the jewelry from Zeman or her husband.

Mynář did not answer questions about how he loaded the jewels, and even the staff of the castle did not know the answer to the fate of the gifts collected by the former chancellor.

“To whom and for what purpose the gifts were removed is mentioned in the receipts from the gift warehouse, no further information about the gifts is available. The person who gave the gift is responsible for handing over the gift,” Peter said. Fučík is from the Press Department of the President’s Office.

Even an audit by the Supreme Audit Office (NAO) at the fort last year revealed nothing due to suspicions of corruption. Seznam News previously reported that according to one of the receipts written by the name, the SAO also received silver cufflinks from the head of Miroslav Gala, Mainar.

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