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Polish leader says ready to talk with Ukrainian leader

President of Poland Andrzej Duda Commenting on the statement of Volodymyr Zelensky, his Ukrainian colleague at the UN General Assembly.Some of our friends in Europe are playing solidarity in the political arena.”

With a note from the Polish leader about it informs CNN.

Although President Zelensky did not name Poland specifically, “there was an assumption, we all understood it,” Duda noted.

Asked if he was upset by Zelensky’s words, Duda replied: “Maybe upset is too strong a word.”

“I was bitter, I will say so. I will say this: ‘Let’s be calm, please do not raise the temperature, because this is a dispute that affects a small part of our relationship. It should not be allowed to affect the whole, because there is no justice in it, only others will benefit from it, ” said the Polish President.

Duda said he was ready to talk to Zelenskyi “as friends” to resolve “difficult situations” between their countries after Warsaw signaled it would stop sending arms to Kiev over a dispute over grain imports.

Statements by Duda and Zelensky against the background of the grain crisis

Volodymyr Zelensky told the UN General Assembly “It is known about attempts to conclude some shady deals with the Russian Federation.” The president also accused some European partners of “playing the “political arena” with Russia.” According to Zelensky, a “thriller” is taking place on the grain issue.

Meanwhile, Andrzej Duda in his speech Ukraine was compared to a sinking ship that could be dragged to the depths. He said he would firmly defend the interests of Polish farmers in the matter of Ukrainian grain. Duda called on Ukraine to remember that it receives aid from Poland.

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