DPSU: Poles completely block movement of trucks leaving Ukraine at two checkpoints

Polish farmers do not allow Ukrainian cargo vehicles from Ukraine to Poland at the “Yakodyn” and “Rava-Ruska” checkpoints.

This was announced by the spokesman of the State Security Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko in the broadcast of the national telephone “Edyny Novyny”, writes “European Truth”.

Demchenko noted that as of Sunday, Polish farmers were blocking three checkpoints: “Ukrniew”, “Yakodyn” and “Rawa-Ruska”. Truck traffic to Poland has been completely stopped for the past two days.

“Polish farmers usually do not allow Ukrainian cargo vehicles from Ukraine to Poland. Here, in the past, we have had zero indicators of crossing the border to leave Ukraine,” Demchenko described the situation at Yahodin and Rawa checkpoints. Russian”.

About 500 trucks are parked on these routes.

Demchenko emphasized that a certain number of vehicles were not allowed to enter Ukraine. In Jahodina, for example, Polish farmers let in about 60 trucks last day.

We will remind you that it is known that on Thursday, March 21, Polish protesters will stop blocking the movement of vehicles in front of the checkpoint. “Josin – Ustiluk”.

March 20, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasyl Svarich It is reported that traffic will resume All vehicles at the “Medica – Shekini” checkpoint.

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