Do useful things and don’t let yourself get bored, the leader of People’s Needs advised the school students

After Shimon Panek, president of People in Need, returned from Ethiopia to help his charity, he led a group of students involved in a global school project. He guides the children to bring Panek to Ethiopia. In other words, interest in what is happening in the world. “It’s amazing that you are doing something about the situation in the Czech Republic without being disgusted,” he told the schoolchildren.


Director of People in Need, Simone Banek, explained to the school students that it is meaningful to strive for something worthwhile. | Video: Radek Bartoníček

There are eight of them, they are from different parts of the Czech Republic and differ in their focus, but one thing unites them. They got it from the humanitarian organization People in Need World School Inspiration Award, which is an award for the most active schools that engage students in world events, global topics and developments in developing countries. There are already 125 such schools in the Czech Republic, and more are being added. The program has been running for fifteen years and is jointly run by non-profit organizations People in Need, Arbog and Adra.

As students and teachers from award-winning schools gathered in the Senate now, People in Need director Simone Panek urged them not to resign themselves to public events. “We in the Czech Republic sometimes feel that we can’t do anything, that it’s not worth it, that the world is too big. We are a small country, but full of smart, creative and talented people. You are one of them,” Panek said.

Students and teachers from schools that received the World School Promotion Award by Popular Demand in the Senate.

Students and teachers from schools that received the World School Promotion Award by Popular Demand in the Senate. | Photo: People in Need

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At the same time, he encouraged them to engage in useful activities without waiting for later. “It’s great to start when you don’t have worries, a mortgage, a mother and father, but when you get older, life gives you a lot of hassles and then it’s hard to get involved in anything. , you get immersed in the same life,” he pointed out and those who were up for the award are active. “It’s a wonder you’re not disgusted, because in the Czech Republic there is still a mixture of alibi, laziness and surrender, although less than before.”

Pointing out that many worthwhile actions are long-term work, he pointed to the needy people in Ethiopia as an example. “Twenty years ago we started there with a school that we built on our knees. Today there are 30 of these schools and 125,000 children and students have passed through. We provided drinking water to more than 200,000 people who previously carried it in jerrycans or carted it from the river on donkeys. Something meaningful and finally something. Changing things,” Panek pointed out.

Schools awarded in 2023

  • Children in the Forest Group Kindergarten, Broster Plus
  • Choryně Primary School and Kindergarten, Vsetin District,
  • St. Ludmila Church Primary School in Hradec nad Moravici
  • Primary School and Kindergarten Jindrichov, Brundal District
  • Primary school Prostějov, E. Valenti 52
  • JV Sladek Zbiroh Elementary School
  • Gymnasium Olomouc-Hejčín
  • Gogetin Gymnasium


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