Danilov predicts the appearance of the fourth – world – tsn.ua

It will be developed by Russian power structures.

the aggressor Russia There are already three armies, one of which is the Regular Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At least two regiments were private troops: the Wagnerites and the Katrivets.

About it in the interview “NV” Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said.

“Soon, another army will join them (Wagner’s PMC and Ramzan Kadyrov’s troops – Ed.) – this indicates that the war situation in Russia is no longer centralized. It is out of control. Prigozhin and Kadyrov’s private forces – it is not from a good life,” he believes.

Danilov says the Russian Federation will soon have a fourth army. In particular, it will be developed by the Russian Defense Forces in the future.

Secretary of the NSDC expressed the opinion that dictator Vladimir Putin is probably afraid of Ramzan Kadyrov “to death” because the Chechen leader’s father was killed by Kremlin dictators: “And I think that if Kadyrov respects the laws of his people, he should take revenge on Putin.”

According to Danilov, the decentralization of the Russian military is a lack of trust in it by the citizens of the Russian Federation. He rejected the fact that a private army could appear in Ukraine, because “we have a supreme commander.”

It is worth recalling that Danilov said that President Putin was afraid of the influence of PMK “Wagner” Prigozhin and the head of Chechnya Kadyrov. That is why It was decided to remove them from the Information Department. According to him, the regular Russian army wanted nothing to do with the Wagnerites.

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