In some constituencies, almost half the electorate has already voted

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PRAGUE – Presidential elections saw 50 percent voter turnout in some areas this evening. This follows from the statements of representatives of Election Commission members and officials contacted by CTK. In some places, turnout has been much higher than in the presidential election of five years ago. Then, after the first election day, commissioners routinely reported that two-fifths of voters had turned up at the polls. Officials and the Election Commission did not notice any major issues today.

In Hradec Králové, more than 51 percent of voters had cast their ballots by 8:30 p.m., a town hall spokesman said. Five years ago, about 43 percent of people in Hradec Králové were evicted in the first round at this time. Today in Náchod until 20:30 about 48 percent, in Jicin 47 percent.

According to regional office spokeswoman Alena Natkova, 48.10 percent of the vote was reported in the South Moravian region as of 9:00 p.m. More than 52 percent voted in Kurimi in Brno, where presidential candidate Danushe Nerutova also voted. For example, participation in Brno is 49.97 percent, in Visko 48.85 percent, in Hodonin 45.69 percent, in Blansko 49.70 percent. In Břeclav, 47 percent of voters cast their ballots at 9:00 am.

In southern Bohemia, turnout in the evening ranged from 35 to 50 percent. In one of the Český Krumlov ZŠ Za nádražím precincts, the turnout was 46 percent, when more than 300 of the more than 800 eligible voters turned up to vote in Kovarov na Piško before 9:00 p.m. Fr. Around one percent fewer people voted in the campus at the Tábor gymnasium on the square. cross In one precinct in České Budějovice ZŠ, 35 percent of voters registered in May. “People have been standing in front of the chamber since half past one, and at two o’clock they pushed us out of the windows,” commission recorder Jiri Kus told ČTK.

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In Chrome, 41.5 per cent voters turned up at the polling station at 8:00 pm. In the largest district of Vsetin, it was 45 percent, and in the smaller district there, almost 50 percent of voters. In regional Zlín, 47 percent of the vote was registered at 8:15 pm, compared to 46 percent on the entire first election day five years ago. In Uherské Hradiště, 48.1 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots by 8:30 p.m. At the same time five years ago, 41.6 percent of voters in the city voted.

Estimated voter turnout at 20:00 in the Ústí region was 41.7 percent, ČTK spokeswoman Magdalena Franková said.

In the Olomouc region, the presidential elections are of great interest to voters. “By 8:00 pm, 51 per cent voters have come to vote and others are still coming. On Saturday, I think the total voter turnout will be close to 80 per cent on both days,” said an election committee member. ZŠ Řezníčkova 1 in Olomouc told ČTK today that the elections have so far not been marked by any technical or organizational problems.

Almost half the population voted in central Bohemian towns. For example, Benešov reported participation of 47 percent, Rakovník and Kolín one percentage point less. So far 45 percent of voters have turned out in Nymberg and Perun, and 44 percent in Kladno.

In the Moravian-Silesian region, today’s voting took place without major problems. The conduct of elections in the region is monitored by two control committees consisting of regional officials. “At the moment, regional officials are going to the Opava region, where voter turnout is relatively high, estimated at more than 40 percent,” regional spokesperson Nikola Birklenova told CTK at 8:30 p.m.

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In the largest cities of the Karlovy Vary region, voter turnout ranges from 25 to 45 percent, according to CTK. In some districts, for example in the Karlovy Vary region, it reaches around 50 percent. According to Election Commissioners, usually in commissions, interest in this year’s election is high, but the interest in Saturday morning’s election will be significant.

Participation in elections varies significantly in individual precincts in the Liberec region with which ČTK is affiliated. At 8:30 p.m., it was approximately 35 to 60 percent. Traditionally, voting takes place at winter resorts where vacationers vote using voter cards. For example, in Harrachov in the Krkonoše Mountains, approximately 350 people voted for him, roughly half of the 1,100 local voters there. It was similar today in Petricho in the Jisera Hills, where more than 200 people cast their voter cards and more than half of the 290 local voters turned up.

40 to 50 percent voted before polling closed in the capital. The highest participation was recorded by Prag 8 and Prag 11 with 50 percent. In Prague 5, 48.5 percent of people came to vote at 8:30 pm, compared to 48 percent in Prague 3.

At one of the polling stations at Závod Míru in Bardubice, 47 percent of votes had been cast before 21:00. According to Dominik Bartak, spokesman for the Bardubice Region, 45 percent of voters turned up at 8:00 p.m.

In Jihlawa, around 8:30 pm, polling was around 44 to 50 percent in four constituencies, according to Election Commission members. Many people came in the afternoon and less in the evening. In Havlíčková Brod, 60 percent of voters have already come to vote in one electoral district. At Kostelní Myslová in Zihlovsk, the participation rate so far is 53 percent. Out of a total of 58 voters, 31 have already cast their votes there.

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In the Pilsen area, participation varies from around 30 percent. In some places, more than half the electorate has already cast their ballots. For example, in Harska Kvilda in Sumawa, 59 percent of local voters cast their ballots, i.e. 33, and 26 voters came with a voter card. In nearby Modrava, 118 voters have already arrived with ID cards, more than 62 percent of the 74 local electorates.

The last presidential election in 2018 was also of considerable interest, with a turnout of 61.92 percent in the first round, similar to the first direct election in 2013.

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