Miloš Zeman is done. The Czech Republic is without a president for half a day

During those 14 hours, the remaining top constitutional officials hold presidential powers, namely Prime Minister Petr Fiala, President of the Senate Milos Vístril (both ODS) and President of the Chamber of Deputies Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09).

With the end of Zeman’s decree, the President’s standard was ceremonially lowered at midnight with the music of the Castle Guards and the Giant’s Gate locked as a sign that Prague Castle was not occupied.

Photo: Pavel Janurek, Nowinki

Presidential Standard at Prague Castle

Photo: Pavel Janurek, Nowinki

The President’s standard was removed at midnight

The Gate of the Giants reopens and opens shortly before noon, when Pavel and his wife Eva will have lunch in the golden lounge with newlyweds Milos and Ivana Zeman.

Ceremony at Prague Castle with the music of the castle guard

During lunch, the outgoing head of state will hand over the keys to the crown chamber, where the Czech crown jewels are kept, to his successor.

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President-elect Peter Pavel will be officially sworn in shortly after 2 p.m. in a roughly forty-five-minute inauguration ceremony at Prague Castle’s Vladislav Hall. After that, as the new president, he will greet citizens from the balcony of the Third Castle Courtyard, lay flowers at the statue of TG Masaryk in Hradčanské náměstí, or attend a mass and philharmonic concert in St. Vitus Cathedral. Early evening.

The news will provide live online coverage throughout the day with interviews with key figures.

In the following days, Pavel will begin his full term of office and will make his first trip abroad, traditionally to Slovakia.

During the first weeks in office, Pavel intends to work from the Hrzánské Palace, which he has been using since his election. He would go to the seat of the Czech kings only after raiding the castle complex against eavesdropping.

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