Corruption among the people. Masseur M.P. He accused her of raping her, which she denies

The ruling KDU-ČSL is solving a big problem. According to website Brahain, which first broke the news, its member of parliament allegedly raped a masseuse he invited to his apartment. The police have registered a case and are investigating. The accomplice denies his guilt.

Internet Brahain The police got access to the protocol, according to which the police are solving the rape case of the 39-year-old masseuse. He should accuse MPs of the government coalition SPOLE of rape.

According to PrahaIN, the accomplice must have invited the masseuse to his apartment after finding an ad for the masseuse on a website with amateur porn. During the first visit, the MP was fond of the masseuse, but nothing illegal happened between the two.

“I noticed that he liked me. Mr. XXX was naked and I didn’t have any problem because I want clients to feel comfortable. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. The massage lasted about an hour. Thirdly, Mr. XXX was satisfied and he paid me five thousand. Paid in cash,” the masseuse says in the statement.

But the next visit was to be different. “He was already playing gay porn on TV and showing me his erotic tools,” the masseuse is said to have said in a police statement. MP then allegedly physically assaulted her, tied her to a bed and raped her.

According to the masseuse, the rape must have already happened in November last year. “We are handling the case and we are finding out whether an illegal act took place,” Prague police spokesman Jan Danek confirmed to

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Jiri should be an MP in Navratri. Commenting on the case on Friday, he himself denied all the allegations. “I continue to deny the allegations against me. As per the available information, the whistleblower is suffering from severe mental illness and is yet to comply with his prescribed medication. I unequivocally state that the allegations leveled by the whistleblower are not true,” M.P. Noah told TV.

The management of KDU-ČSL has known about the case since November. This was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the party, Lucie Jesatkova.

“I went to the police of the Czech Republic to give an explanation and gave everything necessary to prove my innocence. Although I try to be sensitive about his mental illness, I am now prepared to file a criminal complaint on suspicion. “The crime of false accusation,” Navratil added.

Police spokesman Daněk declined to comment on the whistleblower’s possible mental health. However, to the editors of, questioning about these issues is a regular part of the police whistleblower’s protocol when filing a criminal complaint.

KDU-ČSL has many unique faces and is in good shape, Jureka announced in October:

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