Big change at Prague Airport

Photo: Jorky Bidenko, Airport Cars at Prague Airport

Report: On Tuesday, September 26, a new official taxi service began operating at Prague Airport. At first, this change was supposed to take place already in the spring of this year, but waiting for the decision of the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition, the Tik Tok company returned, which did not like the terms of the tender.

Our teachers went to Prague airport around two in the afternoon.

After parking at Terminal 1’s express parking, we were surprised to find the front area of ​​the main airport building, namely the steps, deserted.

At these locations, years ago, we saw a long line of cars from the previous carrier, now there are only three Uber brands, each a different color. The only link between the cars was a sticker affixed to the side door of Uber Airport. But as one of the drivers told us, a large Emirates flight had landed before our arrival so many cars had left shortly before with customers.

At the terminal, we immediately went to the machine where we could order a taxi service, one of which was still under the care of a technician. Machines are invariably parked near the exit door from the hall. They have a big screen and payment terminal to pay before boarding the car. So you know in advance how much the trip will cost. Of course, you can also order a taxi through the mobile app.

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Taxi ordering machines. Author of the book:

A somewhat shy dispatcher was standing by, to offer advice and assistance.

After confirming the order, the customer will get information about the license plate number, color and brand of the car he is traveling in.

We stayed at the Prague airport for about half an hour, during which time we saw many people getting into cars and leaving. Other Uber cars were gradually added to the line, and when we visited there were five of them. Even so, these are far fewer cars than we’ve seen. However, other Uber taxis are parked in front of the airport.

A large number of cars from other taxi companies in the express parking lot across the road made the feeling even more palpable.

Cars from other taxi companies. Author of the book:

Uber should provide transportation from the airport 24 hours a day. According to the agreement, claims are also levied on cars older than 5 years, most of which should be upper middle class. We did not notice that one of the parked cars was a Tesla electric car, and according to our information, the provider has promised to use cars with alternative drivers. They should be up to a hundred.

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