Armed Forces Counterattack – US Prepares Ukrainians for May Attack

It is worth noting that hundreds of Western tanks and armored vehicles, bombs, special equipment for building bridges – everything necessary for a counterattack is going to Ukraine. In addition, 600 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completed five weeks of training, which improved their marksmanship, medicine and control of US-made Bradley fighting vehicles and Stryker armored personnel carriers. Now the second batch of players are in training.

Behind closed doors, US officials are insisting that Kiev save artillery ammunition, but the opinion still prevails among officials that Ukraine does not need to be told how to fight, the publication notes.

The counteroffensive could begin as early as May. Kiev has not yet decided on a strategy, the publication notes, but it has two options. The first was to advance south through Kherson into the Crimea, and the second was to move east from its northern position and then south, cutting the Russian land bridge.

The first option is unrealistic, officials say, because Russia is entrenched in its defenses on the east bank of the Dnipro River, and Ukraine lacks the manpower to mount this kind of successful amphibious operation. Officials say the second option is more likely.

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