Kalošek: Few realize what Karel Schwarzenberg did for the Czech Republic

VI was told that the moment was terrible, but I could not be fully prepared for any attack. Carl Schwarzenberg’s Death Der. I am very sad. I will always remember Karel Schwarzenberg as one of the kindest and most inspiring people I have ever met. We established TOP 09 as a unique political project with a professional collaborator, not just as a politician, if I may say so myself. But I am like a wise bee, a moral example and a heart. Vkov could have been my father, I saw him as a father.

Few in the Czech Republic realize what Karel Schwarzenberg has done for her. Except for Vclav Havel, no one in Europe and the world has such social capital and power. It is the political representation of other countries and among many people who submit to their country women. He made this chapter and his authority as foreign minister available not only to his prime minister – be it Mirek Tobolnek or Petr Nies – but also to his government. Sometimes he was in the opposition and offered a cell on the floor. And it’s completely unnecessary.

Mirek Topolnek described this in his book “100 Days in Europe” with a simple and absolutely true sentence: “Thanks to Carl Schwarzenberg, I had more power in Europe than I deserved.”

Yes, Karel Schwarzenberg actually served his entire life. He often told me a simple joke: “You should be polite.” As we look around, we see that this was no ordinary day, it was a truly precious one. That’s why Karel Schwarzenberg didn’t slander this story, he went this far. He says without regret that he has filled his life with service to his country. He will be greatly missed.

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