A woman died on the spot in the tragic accident


Three men were seriously injured and one woman died as a result of the failure to provide proper passage

Today before three o'clock in the afternoon, a very serious traffic accident occurred on the road II/199 between Dachau and Trnova, during which two cars collided. As one woman died on the spot, we report the accident late so that crisis intervention can first quietly inform the family.

All emergency services attended the scene and an Air Rescue Service helicopter was also called.

“Men born in 1966 and 1991 were treated by paramedics at the scene, who then transported both of them with moderate injuries to the intensive care unit of Plzeň Lochotín University Hospital, which must have been the crew of the first car.
From the second car, we picked up a man born in 1936 who was seriously injured and airlifted to the emergency department of the same hospital.
A woman born in 1954 was seriously injured while traveling in the passenger seat. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was administered on the spot for twenty minutes. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the rescuers, the injured man's vital functions could not be restored and the doctor declared him dead.” A spokesman for the Rescue Squad explained to us.

The coroner was called to the spot to examine the body and experts from the drone SIT to document the accident scene. Criminal investigators are investigating the circumstances and causes of this tragic accident.

According to preliminary information, a driver born in 1936 was driving a Kia from Pernolga, and at the intersection a BMW vehicle driven by a driver born in 1966 did not give way to drive on the main road. Both were drivers of the BMW and one was a passenger. were injured in the clash was born 1991, unfortunately co-driver From a Kia vehicle, A girl born in 1954 She was injured and died on the spot.
A coroner was called to the scene and an autopsy was ordered. The exact cause of the traffic accident and all the circumstances are being investigated by the criminal investigators of the Dachau regional department.,” A police spokesperson told us.

Photo: Witness, ZZS, Lehký Petry

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